Monday, 22 March 2010


Today, we had an I&E lecture at the library in our school, and the school had specially called a group of people specially for innovation up to explain to us what innovation was all about.
First, we were taught what innovation and creativity was, and what the difference was. The instructor gave an example. George Quek, the creator of BreadTalk, was one of the examples.
After that, we watched a video about a company called 'IDEO'.It was a video about how Ideo managed to improvise a supermarket cart and turn it into a better product in just 5 days!
The people at Ideo are innovative and do work in the following manner:
-Encourage wild ideas
-Stay focused
-One conversation at a time
-Before judgment, build on the ideas of others.
This is the quote that i like the most:
-Chaos can be constructive!
We also saw that Ideo encouraged people to do what they wanted, and also make their own workspace!

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